Imprint and Privacy Policy

You can find information about me on my website. It is of interest for me to know, from which regions, at which times, with which browser etc. my website is accessed. This allows me to optimize the website with regards to contents as well as technical aspects.

When the website is accessed, some personal data in the context of the website is collected. These include browser related data (in particular the type of browser you are using), your ip address in an anonymized form, the time when you are accessing the website and similar data of your visits. In particular, this includes the use of cookies to correctly transfer the data.

The data will not be used for other purposes than the described above. The data will not be sent to third parties. In particular, the data will not be transferred to servers outside Germany.

The website can be used anonymously. Please disable the use of cookies in your browser and opt-out in the following paragraph in order to use the website anonymously:

This website is privately maintained by Franz-Benjamin Mocnik and does not pursue any commercial interests.

You are welcome to contact me via email ( or phone (+43 664 8525497) for further questions, or if your data shall not be collected or deleted.

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